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Blue Skies

JT Anderson began working at Carbo Tech

when he was 15 years old sweeping the floors.He became a code welder before joining the Air Force Reserves for 9 years which pointed him towards the Informational Technologies field.He married his sweetheart, Becca and they now have two boys age 3 and 6. He started his first business, Revive IT and sold it three years later. He then purchased an old gin mill in Monroe, GA., transforming it into Co-Work @The Metro. He also bought into Coffee Camper and opened the retail store Elevate Outfitters, both located in Monroe. In his heart he'd always wanted to own Carbo Tech and began talks with his "Pops", grandfather Tom Cope, Jr., about the possibilities of purchasing the company. In February 2023, JT closed on the property becoming the President and CEO of Carbo Tech, Inc. We wish Tom and Bill Waters all of the best in their retirement with their beautiful wives. All of us are extremely thankful for the endless lessons they've taught us.

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