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JT Anderson

President and CEO

February 2023

Tommy Cope, III

Vice President

November 1987

Ann Forrester

VP Finance and Operations

January 1990

Grant Anderson

Support Operations Specialist

July 2022

Debbie Werner

Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

September 1996

Drew Good

Process and Systems Director

March 2023

Thomas Cope IV

Production Director

October 2021

Madison Cope

Estimating and Sales Associate

March 2020

Justin Kent

Shop Supervisor

April 2023

Keith Adams

DOT Project Crew Chief

August 1997

Anthony Carter

Grounds Maintenance Manager

March 2023

Perez Sheats

DOT Lead

August 2016

Jumane Davis

Co-Crew Chief / Vaporizer Specialist

August 2004

Tim Burce

Demount Team Leader / Tank Prep Specialist

July 2011

Kenneth Mozingo

Co-Crew Chief / Custom Specialist

July 2022

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