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      Standard Rebuild Includes:

  • Confirm existence of ASME Code and DOT MC-331 data plates

  • Perform hydrostatic test in accordance with DOT regulations

  • Remove jacket, insulation, rub-plate, landing gear and bogie assembly

  • Sandblast pressure vessel and prime

  • Install new bogie with new running gear per customer specs

  • Install new landing gear and rub-plate

  • Re-insulate with 4” closed cell polyurethane

  • Insulation covered with .063” aluminum sheets and F&D aluminum heads

  • New lights and bumper in accordance with DOT   requirements

  • New pumping compartment per customer specifications

  • New valves and safeties

  • All work performed in accordance with the ASME and DOT

  • DOT registration CT #8042

  • Carbo Tech is a holder of the ASME “R” and “U” stamp


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