All prices are FOB, Monroe, GA and are subject to prior sale and availability. Pictures show basic style of receivers offered. Actual receivers may vary in appearance. All receivers shown are available for rehab as listed.

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Complete List Updated 02-03-2020

Used CO2 Storage Tanks Offered For Rehab

6 Ton NB: 3939
14 ton NB: 4331 and 210
Taylor Wharton 14 ton NB: 163
30 ton Amerigas SN: 22026
Amerigas 50 ton NB: 180
Amerigas 50 ton NB: 222
Amerigas 50 ton NB: 186
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Used 2.5 ton D.O.T.
2.5 ton DOT NB: 5244
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DOT MC331 Used